Just like that

So our car got stolen yesterday. Surprising? not so much. cars get stolen everyday. Disturbing? for us it is. Enraging? in many ways.



When I ask people for 'a brief description of the project' it does not mean that you send me the entire deliverable or copy paste random paragraphs. Instead it means, I want a snapshot of the project and since you happened to be a part of it I am assuming you knew what the project was about. Of course, based on experience I know that most people either do not know what they did in a project that ended a week ago and cannot be made to give a decent account of any project regardless of the capacity in which they were part of the project.

P.S. Yes, I do not like the people I work with.


Little boy on the road

I met a little boy on the road yesterday. He must not have been older than 10 years of age. He was selling one of those smiley face plasticine things that change shape when you push or pull at them. I asked him how much he was charging and he said Rs. 25. I gave him Rs. 30 and as I was rolling up the car window he tapped saying 'your change'. I told him 'you can keep it' [rakh lo] and he replied (rather offended) 'I do not take money' [mein paisay nahi leta]. I watched him walk away tall and upright. I felt shallow within. I am five ruppees richer but much poorer than that little boy on the road. I hope his principles survive through time and age.


Round the clock

I am not sure how or why but I have landed myself the same schedule I left about three years ago. Grad school was a nice break. I did not intend to juggle lots after coming back but here it is. Six months out of school and am running short of time for even meals. I think keeping busy makes sense when the being idle becomes synonymous with despair. We are living in uncertain times - the less time we have at our hands the less likely we are to realize where we are really headed.


Things continue to come together

Turns out the gods were listening when SAJ dropped in his comment on an earlier post. Today, has been a good day. Opportunities come in bundles. See one and the others follow. However, the door must be open.



I wonder why we keep procrastinating when it comes to giving out information that can offend another. I figure we do not want to be in a confrontation. Likewise, it makes sense to hesitate before passing on bad news. Nonetheless, why wait. Particularly, why wait when the longer you wait the more the other will feel offended. How about just jumping right in and coming out clean.


Things come together

Lately, I feel the universe conspiring in my favor. Somehow things fall in place by themselves. However, I cannot suppress the temptation to qualify current optimism. Things fall apart much faster than than they come together. For now, I am enjoying experiencing things coming together.



and the work week ends today :) the good think about working is getting the weekend off...students don't really get weekends off since they have assignements and stuff piled up for some deadline ahaed no matter how close or distant that may be....working ppl get weekends off (not always but still) so the point is I am excited about not working on saturday and sunday.