and the work week ends today :) the good think about working is getting the weekend off...students don't really get weekends off since they have assignements and stuff piled up for some deadline ahaed no matter how close or distant that may be....working ppl get weekends off (not always but still) so the point is I am excited about not working on saturday and sunday.


The problem

You often fail to see the shortcomings of your culture till either they become an absolute pain or you happen to get a chance to see how people in other places do things. I was not particularly impressed by the work ethic of people around me before I left pakiland for amreeka. However, I was able to foresee inefficiences, make allowances for them and get things done without losing either my sanity or the job. The situation has become much worse since I got back. I do not - yes, I do not - get how things work here (which btw don't most of the time). Things are slow and inefficient to the point of not just being painfully unprofessional but plain simple unbearable.

P.S. Yes, this is another one of those days when I am not happy with my job : /



Overheard at the last company wide meeting:

A: 'Why the need for this meeting'?
B: 'Kampany doob rahi hai afsos ke liyay bulaya hai'

Kampany abhi tak to nahi doob rahi albata afsos ki zaroorat aksar rehti hai.


Need a better chair

After weeks and months of sulking over my very uncomfortable chair at work I have found a way to vent out the frustration. I want something better. I want a piece of decent contemporary furniture. A chair comfortable enough to let me last through the long work day. In my search for something better I stumbled upon this great website for modern furniture that brings together style and comfort. You should check out what is on display. You will not be disappointed by the designs. Not to mention the 5% discount on italian furniture.



I taught my SAT students in candle light today. The UPS dies after no more than twenty minutes. Can’t blame the poor thing, it barely gets over an hour to recharge. Where exactly are we heading with state of affairs?



I am learning to be content with life. It takes effort but it is less taxing than fretting over what I do not have. I have enough to get through today. I will worry about tomorrow when I get there.


I need..

I need to hear a happy story. I know too many people who are going through tough times. I want someone to walk up to me and tell me they are happy with life. Today I want to meet one happy person.


An open book

My environment spills over me. The shades of my surroundings find a window into my soul. My eyes carry the shadows right through. Stare in any day and you will know where I have been.



It is interesting how ghazals that I first heard in DC during moments of sickening nostalgia and homesickness remind me of DC as home now that I am back home.


Why I do not call

I clearly remember the day she told me she was in love. I had a hunch about it days before she confided in me yet I remember the moment she uttered the words as if it was just today. We were sitting in the cafeteria during a break from science lab. I was chipping away on a samosa while she sipped her soda. It is ironic how years down the road we have banished trivial indulgences in the name of healthy living and held onto affiliations that have armor to wound us for life. Today, she is divorced with two daughters. I struggle to stir enough courage to call her for small talk.



Why do we keep giving in to people long after we know that they are only there to take from us? Why do things make so much sense only in hindsight? Why do we not see the cold bitter face of betrayal when it stares right at us? Why are we such optimistic idiots ever so often?