Back and forth

The blog keeps getting sidelined and I keep returning. There is no design to the abandonment or adoption. I keep swinging between oblivion and existence like the bob of a pendulum.



So, I disappeared for a while. I kept checking the blog now and then but have been too tied up to actually write 'something'. A few times I felt a strong urge to write at least 'something' but that did not quite happen. Now, out of plain insomnia i am writing 'something'.



We are patient people. We can fast daily for a month. We can go without food and drink from dawn to dusk. But if you happen to be on the road near maghrib or end up at a samosa shop near iftar, we’ll tear out your guts and spill out every swear word we know. Like I said we are patient people – till we get the slightest excuse to lose sense.