Last post from DC

This is the last post coming out of DC. It has been a nice adventure. And now it is time to find challenges in another direction.



How do you pack life in a suit case? I asked the same question two years ago and failed to come up with a good enough answer. You can take as many pictures as you want and rip as many songs as you can on a hard disk. You can carry a photo frame and a luminite mug. You can pick and choose with your clothes and shoes and all the other trivialities. But what do you do with all human associations?


What happens after?

We go through life working towards one thing after another. There is a string of things that we want and the further we get on the road the more we want. Somewhere on the way we forget to relish what we get and become lost in the pursuit of what we want to get. It is important to take a moment to recognize how far one has come and how wonderful it is to be able to accomplish the small things that lead us to the big things in our lives. Moreover, it is is important to pause and celebrate ones achievement for you never know when you will again get the chance to be grateful for something you have accomplished.

I am taking time today to celebrate things that surprise me. Sometimes, when you get something you have wanted so long and toiled hard for you can be surprised that you actually managed to achieve it. Today, I am surprised at myself.


I graduated

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you a Georgetown graduate :)



Today, I am grateful to a God who never forgets me even when I forget him.