light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel is what makes the tunnel exist. Extinguish the light and the tunnel disappears. Allow the flickering flame to fade in to darkness and the universe becomes a bleaker place to be. Lose the illusions of hope to the pains of today and tomorrow might be lost forever.

The meaning of pursuit lies in the desire of achievement. No matter when the moment of glory arrives. Regardless of whether the minute of success ever seals the endless ticking away of time or time fails to fulfill its self imposed test. Whether we wander all our life as transgressors or adhere to the drawn path forever. It is only the path that defines the end of the road. Embrace the road or create a direction of your own in wilderness. It is the journey towards the destination that will take you as far as you desire. The moment you stop believing in your path is the moment you will lose the chance of ever seeing the end. Hope as you might to leap towards the end, toil as you ever towards your aim. It is only when you reach where you desired to be that you realize what all you lost behind.