Why won't you let me be a chipmunk?

I was born a chipmunk. I know because when I was born they uttered the chipmunk gibberish in my ears. I am a chipmunk because the first spell I was taught was the holy chipmunk gibberish. They told me that the utterance of this spell made me a chipmunk. They told me stories of blessed ones who had been embraced in to the chipmunk kingdom by saying this spell. They told me the spell made one a chipmunk the moment it was uttered. I have uttered the spell day after day but it never works. They still tell me I am not a chipmunk.

As I grew old I was taught the chipmunk stunt. I can do it for you anytime you ask. I can utter the holy spell and do the chipmunk stunt. Yet they say I am not a chipmunk. I can roll on earth and rub my head against the ground for you. I can do it the way all the other chipmunks do. But they won’t let me do it with them. They do the chipmunk stunt many times a day but they never let me do it with them.

I can even recite chipmunk gibberish for you from the chipmunk book. I know bits of it by heart. I can read the book and say the gibberish just the way they do. Still they tell me I am not a chipmunk.

I know all their chipmunk gibberish. I do all their chipmunk stunts. I believe in all their chipmunk idols. And yet they do not accept me. Yet they do not embrace me. They tell me I am not a chipmunk. I do not know why. But I know they do not like me. They do not want me. They always reject me. Refuse me is all they do.

They have this chipmunk label. They put in on the green leaf that lets people move from one land to another. They won’t even let me put their chipmunk label on my green leaf. They say I cannot use their label. They say it’s a holy label. They say I am not holy. I am not a chipmunk. Only the chipmunks can use the holy label. They call me a gorilla. They put a gorilla label on my green leaf. I do not like the gorilla label. I do not want the gorilla label. I am not a gorilla. I am a chipmunk. Why? Why would you not let me be a chipmunk? I am a chipmunk. I jump and roll over like a chipmunk. How can I ever be a chipmunk? Would you please tell me? Why am I not a chipmunk?